5 Tips for keeping a Budgie

Keeping a budgie doesn't need to be a massive burden on your daily lifestyle! If you have a nice set up for keeping a bird you can cover all your budgie related duties in just a short time each day. Unfortunately budgies can molt and lose a lot of feathers, combined with their droppings this can build up to cause a little bit of mess. Luckily if you are well prepared and follow these 5 simple tips you will find that keeping a budgie in your home really isn't a tricky task!

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5 budgie tips
  1. Have a designated budgie area – Cleaning up after a budgie can get very time consuming, especially if your budgie spends time in multiple rooms! Set up a single designated area where your bird will spend most of it’s time. If this is in an open, easy to reach area it will make cleaning much easier.

  2. Cover surrounding cage area with newspaper – To ease the cleaning process further ensure that your cage area is covered with newspapers. When it comes to cleaning up your birds droppings you simply need to put down some new paper! I can assure you this is the top tip of this article!

  3. Add some entertainment to your Budgies cage – Can you imagine being stuck in a small cage for hours on end? A happy budgie is easier to take care of! Add some mirrors, toys and something to chew and you will soon have a happy singing budgie that can entertain itself for hours.

  4. Keep your budgie supplies organized – As with most tasks, things go much smoother when you are organized! To speed up feeding and cleaning time keep all your bird supplies in the one area. That way if you need to replace perches or grit for the bottom of the cage you don’t need to run to several places in your house and you can complete the task much easier.

  5. Get your budgie some company! – Budgies are social animals! If you leave your budgie alone for long hours at a time he or she may become depressed. One simple way to cater for this is to get yourself another budgie! If you are already looking after one budgie it is not that much harder to look after another and this will ensure your budgie doesn’t get bored.

Follow these 5 tips and you will find that looking after a budgie is a very easy task and can be really rewarding! Combine a nice budgie cage, some one on one time, some hand training and whistling sessions and you are guaranteed to have a great friend and some great times

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