Baby Budgies - Facts and info on Parakeet and Budgie births

How to raise baby budgies the right way!

If you've just got yourself a baby budgie or was thinking about acquiring one, you should know some facts about them first. A lot of people by budgies but have know idea to take care of them. In this article, I will give you some basic facts about baby budgies, how to take care of them and some general info on what type of equipment they need. So let's get started, shall we?

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Baby Budgie
A very cute baby budgie

When it comes to baby budgies, their color can vary based on selective breeding. Budgies may come in blue, grey white and yellow or some combination of these colors. To know if your budgie is a male or a female, you can check at the color of its cornea. If it's blue, then it's a male. If it's white or a brownish color, it's a female. However, it can be harder to tell the difference between a male and a female budgie when they're babies.

People usually buy budgies alone or in pairs. If you buy a pair of budgies, they'll need a lot less attention. If you decide to buy budgies, it's always better to buy them when they're younger. This way, they'll get used to you and they'll be less traumatized about being taken away.

New Born Budgie Babies
New Born Budgie Babies, not so cute yet!

When it comes to buying a cage, you should choose a one that is large enough so that your baby budgie will have some space to roam. It's important that you equip the cage with wooden perches and a mineral block for its beak. You should also add a waterer and a feeder and you should always feed your budgie quality food. When comes the time to choose where to put the cage, make sure it is out of direct winds and out of direct sunlight.

At first, when you'll put your budgie in his new cage, you should leave him a couple of days so he can get used to his new environment. If he doesn't feel comfortable in his environment, raising him will be harder. To make the whole process easier, it's always better to choose a baby budgie that's already finger trained.

If you want to train your budgie to respond to you when you're talking to him, make sure you talk to him often. If you want to teach him how to be quiet, all you have to do is cover the cage at night and he'll get quieter with time. The cage should be cleaned at least once a week and you should make sure that the water supply is clean at all times, or else your budgie might get contaminated. If you want to make the whole cleaning process easier, just put some newspaper in the bottom of the cage and change it every time you clean the cage.

You see, taking care of a budgie isn't so difficult after all… Just make sure that you choose a budgie that is already trained, choose a cage that is big enough and place it out of direct winds and sunlight, and make sure you keep the cage and water supply clean at all times. This way, your baby budgie will be healthy and happy for years to come.

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