Budgie Behaviour - their temperament

There are so many reasons to love budgies, the jump, hop, sing and peck (often simultaneously) and they are just amusing to watch! Just like any animal or bird a budgies behaviour may change with the weather (season) or surroundings. These little energetic, attention seeking birds have a wealth of different behaviours:

Budgies are Playful and curious – Budgies are actually very inquisitive and curious little birds. They love to play and explore which means it is very important for you to cater to this! Add some toys and interesting things to your budgies cage, they will love you for it!

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Budgie Flock Mentality – Most birds will travel and hang out with a flock and in the wild budgie's are no different. When a budgie travels in a flock they will actually do a large number of activities in time with the flock, for example they will all nap at the same time, or eat, or even preen! A flock as really important for a budgie so if you can't spend a lot of time with your feathered friend you may want to consider buying another budgie to keep him/her company. If you are able to spend the time with your bird then you can replace the flock! Share a meal together, watch tv and just spend some one on one time with your little budgie.

Budgie Behaviour

Budgie Preening – Budgies need to preen themselves so they have nice and clean and organized feathers. During preening your budgie will first gather some oil from their “preen gland”, which is located at the base of their tails, they will then run their beaks over each of their feathers until they have preened them all. As mentioned previously this is a flock activity so if you have more than one budgie you may notice they start preening at the same time.

Budgies will shake and fluff up – Don't be alarmed to see a ball of fluffed up feathers! Often after preening budgies will fluff up all of their feathers and then shake their tail, this is just to get all of their feathers back in order. You may see your budgie fluffing up if they are getting comfy or napping. There are cases where a budgie will fluff up their head feathers to attract a mate also but this is different.

Budgie Exercise and stretches – When budgies sit in the same spot for a while they will often stretch a leg and wing out to one side, bring them back and then stretch their other leg and wing. Don't panic! Budgies will often stretch and even flap their wings to exercise and get the blood flowing, particularly in the morning or when they just wake up from a nap.

Budgie chewing/shredding – Budgies like to chew things…if you have owned a budgie for a little while you probably already know this. Don't panic about the shredded tissues but it is important that you get your budgerigar the right things to chew. Add some cuttle bone to your birds cage but also go to the pet store and get a budgie toy made of soft wood and the right kind of rope.
Budgie sleep behaviours:

Budgie Yawning – Hey, when we relax we yawn, why can't budgies? After nap times (and sometimes before) your parakeet will yawn, their beaks will open and their necks may even move forward, this is to kind of shake themselves up a little, a bit like us popping our ears. This is completely normal but you may find yourself prone to a sympathetic yawn (yawning too!) if you catch your budgie in mid yawn!

Budgie beak grinding – When budgies fall asleep and get cozy they may start grinding and nibbling on their beak. This is nothing to worry about either as it simply means they are content and heading off to sleep!

Budgie Napping – Budgies will nap at least once during the day and they usually last for around 15 to 45 minutes, usually around midday. If you have more than one bird you may notice them take on a flock mentality and nap together. All budgies will find their own comfy spot, don't be surprised to see your budgie sleeping on one foot one day and then with his head tucked back the next!

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