Budgie Feathers

From Nature's Protection to Illness Diagnosis: Budgie Feathers Information

Budgies are a fine feathered friend to have as a pet. Anyone that has had one of these pets around knows how many features are involved with owning a bird. While the features can create a lot of cleanup for the owner, they can also provide a lot of information about the budgie. From a form of protection to a way to diagnosis and tell if the bird has an illness or virus, budgie feathers are a great source for gaining the information needed to properly own a budgie.

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Budgie Feathers
Beautiful White Budgie Feathers

Feathers Natures Protection: While many budgies are currently used as pets, these birds were and still are wild animals in some parts of the world. The budgerigar feathers or budgie feathers serve as nature's way of protecting the bird from climate change or weather pattern differences. The features serve as a barrier from the harsh weather that comes in the winter and evenings. By being a barrier to the cold it provides the budgie with a sense of warmth that keeps the bird alive. It also allows a way to keep the budgie from being drenched from heavy rains that may happen.

The feathers also contain a bit of a natural oil that is produced by the budgie's body. This oil protects the feathers from becoming wet. In the wild a bird must face many different weather conditions, with the oil it can fly in any weather from rain to sleet without being weighed down. Without the oil the feathers would weight the bird down and prevent any flight from happening.

Feathers for Flying: Feathers also make the budgie aerodynamic for flying. Without the feathers the budgie would not be able to gain the altitude or buoyancy that allows it to fly. The long feathers that can be found upon the wings and tail of a budgie serve as balancing factors for flying. Without this balance the bird would not be able to stay airborne and would end up walking everywhere.

Feathers for Illness Diagnosis: A budgie like all birds will naturally lose its feathers. Feather loss can be from natural shedding of old feathers or just from an active lifestyle such as moving or flying around. These feathers are usually number in the couple of feathers. However massive amounts of budgie feathers can be indicative of something else occurring.

A condition caused by a virus known as the French Molt causes the feathers of a budgie to fall out and not grow back. The feathers that are usually effected are those of the tail and wings that aid in flying. For this reason the budgie will not be able to fly. French Molt can be spread to other budgies so if it is suspected this is what the budgie has it is a good idea to keep it away from the other birds.

Spiky head feathers or unnatural looking feathers can also be a sign that there is an illness and that the budgie should be taken to a vet.

Budgie feathers are an important part of your pets life. Originally serving as natures way of protecting the budgie, the feathers can now be used as a way to protect the budgie from any form of illnesses that may come its way.

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