Budgie Sounds

Probably my most favourite part of owning a budgie is the fact that they make so very many different sounds! If we ignore for a minute the awesome fact that your budgie can remember tunes and talk, the sheer number of budgie sounds your bird can make is incredible. You will be astonished by the variety of whistles, screeches and songs that a budgie can have in his or her repertoire. In general female budgies are known to be a little more screechy compared to male budgies but the good news is budgerigars are actually known to be some of the least loud of the domesticated birds.

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Budgie Sounds Whistling – Birds are very intelligent animals that have excellent memories when it comes to melodies and sounds. A budgie can produce all kinds of tones and hit all kinds of pitches all whilst singing you back your favourite song. The more tunes a budgie can sing depends a lot on the time you spend with them. The more you sing to them the better budgie sounds you will get back!

This amazing little budgerigar can bark like a dog, meow like a cat, wolf whistle and also displays some cool chirping!

Budgie sounds Talking – If you visit any of the pages here on the budgie cage it probably becomes obvious that I am a big fan of budgies talking! Some of the coolest budgerigar sounds come when your budgie learns to talk. Budgies are known to be some of the best talkers of all the domesticated birds, they have incredible abilities when it comes to learning words and reciting them!

Listen carefully and turn up your speakers to hear little Charlie the budgie talk.

Budgie Sounds Screeching – If your budgie gets excited (whether they are happy or have just worked themselves up) or if they get confrontational they can sometimes screech. Just like humans, every budgie is different, some will screech a lot and others won’t at all! As mentioned earlier, female budgies can be bigger screeches’ when compared to the males but if your bird wants to let off steam they will regardless of gender!

This Budgie Screeching is a little intense on the old ears so you may want to turn your sound down a little for this video.

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