Budgie Talking

Despite what some people think budgies can talk! Just like whistling, Budgies are able to learn a number of different words, phrases and sounds! As with all budgies training the key to getting your parakeet talking is to spend a lot of time with your bird so they are comfortable around you. Not all budgies will talk though, some are unable to and others simply don’t have the desire to! Don’t give up though it’s still a fun practice to chat to your budgie, and they will always chirp and whistle back at you (If they are in the mood!).

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Budgie in a tree!

Repetition, Repetition, Repetition: As with whistling, teaching your budgie to talk requires a lot of time, patience, and did I mention Repetition? It’s best to not bombard your budgie with too many words at once, focus on teaching him/her a new word or 2 at a time rather than reciting the dictionary at them.

Where to start? The best place to start is with your Budgies name! “Hello Norby” repeatedly may drive you a bit insane, but it will be worth it when your budgie starts talking and very cute when they start saying their own name. From there the world is your oyster! “Pretty boy”, “budgie” and “poly wants a cracker” are just a few phrases to get you started. You will find that once your budgie learns a couple of words he/she will pick up more words easier.

A budgie with a great vocabulary (and personality!)

Talk to your Budgie: If you want your budgie to learn to talk then don’t just leave the radio or TV on whilst you are at work! Often people will do this and wonder why their budgie doesn’t suddenly start reciting the dictionary at them. Take the time to talk directly to your Budgie without distractions, focusing on a few key words rather than vast complex sentences.

Budgies mimic: Although your parakeet talks it doesn’t necessarily mean they understand what they are saying. Keep this in mind before you get frustrated that your budgie won’t give you insightful wisdom into the stock market or philosophy. Budgies mimic sounds and when your budgie talks it is an extension of this; don’t let this stop you from teaching your parakeet to talk though it is really fun to see what they can learn!

If you listen carefully you can hear him say: pretty bird, coco baby, saying ow or ouch, you're a cute little bugger, he starts singing jingle bells, and peek-a-boo.

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