Budgies as Pets

Budgerigars make great pets, conventionally if you asked someone for information on their perfect pet their response would be “Get a Cat” or “Dogs are fun”, and whilst the latter is true Budgie’s can also make great pets!

Budgies talk back
How many times have you called Rover over, only to be disappointed with his lack of vocal interaction? If you take the time to talk and communicate with your budgie, soon he/she will be chatting back to you.

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Budgies as pets

Budgies whistle
In this hectic day and age not enough emphasis is put on the therapeutic values of whistling. Your Budgie will love mimicking your whistles, and you will be surprised at the amount of different tunes they can memorize. From wolf whistles to bird calls from nature, budgie’s have an impressive ability to whistle in a variety of ways.

Budgies are social animals
If you are able to hand tame your budgie properly they can be amazingly affectionate. Head scratches, light nibbling, and falling asleep on your shoulder can all be great ways to enjoy each other’s company. Budgerigars are also known to get on well with most other birds including larger parrots, but beware of signs of aggression, like humans not every budgie will get along with every bird!

Budgies are playful and energetic
Budgies love to play and are full of energy. Make your budgie a bath and play with the water; this can be a great bonding experience and a lot of fun too. Not all birds enjoy swimming in the same way though, some prefer a solo bird bath, where as others rather a wet lettuce leaf or similar to chew on whilst they bathe.
They have been known to play with toys as well, I used to flick a little ball back and forward with my budgie, he would push it around with his beak. Conventional budgie toys are great too, such as mirrors and climbing equipment in their cage.

All in all budgies are very entertaining animals. They have a wide range of expressions and mannerisms that somehow always let you know what they are thinking. Not only do they make great pets, but they are also relatively cheap to look after in terms of water and seed/fruits/vegetables. And with the proper training can be more of a companion than any house cat!

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