English Budgies

English budgies make great pets. They are the easiest birds to care for and are so much fun that kids will love having them around. These birds are more commonly known as parakeets and are native to Australia. Mostly green when in the wild they can be bred in a variety of different colors.

Budgies are quite entertaining because they talk a lot and you can teach them hundreds of words. If you have just one bird you will find that the English budgie would quickly pick up and repeat a lot of the words that you speak to him. More than just speaking single words some birds are able to speak entire phrases.

There are two main types of budgies, Australian (American Parakeets) and English budgies. Very different in both size and appearance the American Parakeets are more common in the pet stores while the English budgies are bred more for competitions and exhibitions. The English budgies are much larger than the American parakeets.

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Australian Vs English Budgies

Both types of budgies are great pets and if you want to train your bird it is best to get it while it is still very young. Many owners prefer to purchase their budgies in pairs but if you want your bird to be vocal and bond with you then a single bird might be better. The cage should be an appropriate size for the size of the bird and you should use a few perches of different widths and textures for variety. A beaded swing with a bell will make it easy for your budgie to swing as he wants.

Clean the cage daily or use a grating at the bottom of the cage so that the bird does not get into the mess. That way you can clean 2-3 times per week. Clean the perches and swings as well if there are bird droppings on them. Change the perches every few months or when they are worn out. Feed the budgie just as you would any other parrot. Seed mix, pellets, greens and other vegetables are tasty delights that they cannot resist plus these are good for them. Do not feed the budgie grit since this is only needed for birds that are not able to take the seeds out of the shell. Give your bird fresh food and water daily even if the bowl looks full of seed. Most times the bowl is filled with the husks left behind and not the actual seeds so change the food daily.

Your English budgie would need a bath at least three times a week. Place a wide almost flat bowl filled with water for him to jump in a give himself a bath. If he does not do it himself you can mist him down with a spray bottle of clean fresh water. Trim the wings regularly to stop him from escaping out of an open window or secure your home well so that he does not get out.

Keep the budgie away from other pets like dogs and cats and you will have your bird around to entertain and delight for many years.

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