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The Budgie Cage

Welcome to the Budgie cage! We are an up and coming website dedicated to all things budgerigar. Whether you are an experienced Budgie Breeder, or just looking for information on budgie cages, we hope to have something for everyone.

If you are only just discovering the wonderful world of Budgies, a good place to start is our Budgie Information page which gives you an over view of what you can expect from budgies from a scientific point of view. If you are interested in owning your own budgie then head on over to the Budgies as Pets section of the site which might be able to sway you into purchasing your own budgie.

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You can always budget, but if your budgie gets sick and you suddenly need funds then you might be in need of some savings available! After all, avian medicine is not a cheap service, so plan accordingly.

We even have a page with tips on how to hand tame your Budgie and Budgie Diet information so you can bond with your budgie and keep him/her healthy too.

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